New Windows App — ready for beta testing.

Our new BlackVPN app is ready for testing on Windows 10, Windows 8.x and Windows 7/Vista. Expect a few bugs, but new updates can be downloaded and installed from within the app.

We’re releasing the first beta version of our new Windows app — just in time for our annual Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale.

Connect to our all of our premium VPN locations around the globe.

Secure your internet traffic with OpenVPN and AES-256 bit encryption using the OpenVPN Windows Service to route all your internet traffic reliably.

If you quit the app — or even if it should crash — your VPN session will stay connected. Restart the app and disconnect the VPN connection to resume your normal internet.

Fast. Easy. Simple.

Quickly and easily adjust your VPN settings or app preferences. Create your own list of favourite VPN locations and with two clicks you’ll be connected.

Having connection problems or issues with the app? Open a support ticket from within the app and choose to send the VPN and debug logs to our support team so that we can resolve your issue.

Our new app is going to have some hiccups but you can download updates from directly within the app as soon as they become available. Your preferences such as your VPN username and password are stored securely and will be retained after each app update.

We even added a taskbar icon to monitor the state of your VPN connection, and a popup menu to make it easy to connect to your favourite VPN locations.

Grab the beta of our new Windows app from our website:

With blackVPN your internet is private, secure and unblocked.

With blackVPN your internet is private, secure and unblocked.