The Ultimate VPN for TV and Privacy.

Unblock Netflix USA, Hulu and BBC iPlayer from ALL our VPNs without connecting to the USA or UK.

Update 2015: — the #1 VPN review site — has added blackVPN to their lists:
5 Best VPNs for Netflix and 5 Best VPNs for Hulu. w00t!

Stream TV while you
do P2P anonymously
via our Privacy VPNs.

Now you don’t have to connect to the USA or UK VPNs to enjoy Netflix USA, Hulu and BBC iPlayer. You can watch all 3 at the same time from any of our Privacy or TV VPNs.

Connect to our Privacy VPNs — including Canada, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Panama — and do P2P anonymously while you unblock Netflix USA, Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

It works on our TV VPNs too — USA, UK and Singapore. Watch BBC iPlayer when connected to the USA VPNs. Watch Netflix USA and Hulu when connected to the UK VPNs. Cool huh?

All of our VPNs encrypt your internet traffic to prevent monitoring by your ISP/government/work/school, unblock censored websites, keep you safe from hackers on WiFi hotspots and stop incoming threats like DDoS attacks while you play online games.

Connect to the fastest VPN instead of the furthest VPN.

The closer you are to the VPN servers the faster your VPN speed will be — so connecting to the USA or UK VPN servers will give you much slower VPN speeds.

For many people Netflix USA and Hulu are only available via the USA VPNs, while BBC iPlayer is only available via the UK VPNs.

Checkout this demo video where we connect with blackVPN to Luxembourg and then stream from Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer without changing the VPN location.

In this video we are connected with blackVPN to Luxembourg yet we are able to stream video which would normally be blocked.

Normally if you’re not connected to the USA VPNs you would see these messages for Netflix and Hulu.

Or if you’re not connected to the UK VPNs you would see this message for BBC iPlayer.

Now you can connect to the closest and fastest VPN location and still watch Netflix USA, Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

More features.
Same price or cheaper.

Every year we keep improving our service while freezing our prices.

Actually we made our Privacy Package even 33% cheaper — now you can access all of our Privacy VPNs for the old price of just one VPN. Plus we also donate 10% of our Privacy Package to the EFF to help them in the fight for our online privacy.

This year we’ve also boosted our support and added a Live Chat option on our website, updated our VPN software and setup guides plus improved security (especially in response to the Heartbleed and Shellshock bugs). We’re still using AES-256 bit encryption and this year we switched to 4096 bit RSA keys too.

We have the strongest encryption of any VPN service.

Join one of the fastest and most reliable VPNs.

“A great option for anyone that wants to stream TV series or films.”

“One of the premier VPN providers available”

“An extremely fast VPN service.”

“Overall the speeds are top notch, and it is a great VPN service.”

“The most smooth and best VPN service we have made use of.”

“They are my first choice. The speed is truly amazing. Customer Service is spot on.”

Read 100's of customer reviews on Twitter or Facebook.

Risk-free trial.

When you join blackVPN your account is instantly activated and you can start using it immediately. We have free software and setup guides for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, DD-WRT and more.

Pay with PayPal, Credit Card or Bitcoin.

Try it for 14 days and if you’re not satisfied we’ll give you a 100% refund.

No questions asked.

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