Moving to DevOps: Shift Left with Black Duck at FLIGHT 2017

As recently as a decade ago, the worlds of government and business worried that using open source software would open them up to bugs, security holes, and countless lawsuits. Despite these fears, open source now dominates the digital landscape.

This year at FLIGHT 2017, developers and DevOps experts in the field will help you gain insight into best practices for those in the development and operations fields. Attendees will learn from container experts, current customers, and product developers to gain insight into the fast-paced world of open source from a DevOps perspective.

Highlights of the DevOps Track Include:


Making the Strategic Shift to Open Source at Fujitsu Network Communication

  • Karan Marjara of Fujitsu explains how he has integrated Black Duck with their tools and processes to ensure they can continue to build fast and stay secure.

Docker Containers 101

  • Black Duck container and virtualization expert Tim Mackey demystifies containers by explaining their core concepts and compares and contrasts them with the virtual machine architectures that have been the staple of IT for the last decade.

JDA: Building an Open Source Center of Excellence

  • JDA Software’s VP of Product Development John Vrankovich will share lessons learned and benefits reaped by building the Open Source Center of Excellence.

End-to-End Open Source Management with Hub Integrations

  • Utsav Sanghani, Product Manager at Black Duck, will teach session participants how to validate open source security, compliance, and quality across the SDLC from the design phase to production, deployment, and beyond.


Open Sourcing Your Enterprise

  • Mohammad Rezaei, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, will walk session participants through recipes that enable enterprises into becoming open source community members. We’ll point out common pitfalls and ways to avoid them and we’ll give you a way to evaluate your degree of openness in order to measure and improve it.

Containers at Scale — Kubernetes and OpenShift

  • Black Duck container and virtualization expert, Tim Mackey, will provide an overview of technologies and solutions such as Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift which enable organizations to deploy containers at scale.

Shift Risk Left: Security Considerations When Migrating Apps to the Cloud

  • Tony Hansmann of Pivotal will start with the basics of application security for an environment where development teams are able to push code into production at will. Everything will be covered; from basics to advanced topics of tests and models for long-term application security. He will also cover real-world Black Duck CI examples including keeping apps up-to-date in Pivotal Cloud Foundry environments, and end with tips for advocating for long-term security structures.

Modern Open Source Governance — How Left Can You Go?

  • VP of Engineering Randy Kilmon will teach you tools and techniques that developers can apply to pick high quality open source components on the upstream so that open source governance can be simplified downstream.

In addition to Development and DevOps, FLIGHT 2017 will include Research & Innovation, Security, and Legal & Compliance tracks. Black Duck is also offering additional training on Hub for both new and experienced users. Register today for FLIGHT17 to create your own schedule. See you there!

Kiara White | Marketing Content Specialist
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