On writing

We often think of authors as intellectually developed people with great abstract thinking. But writing itself is a craft that requires everyday drill. It looks really simple task to do. You sit down with a piece of paper and start composing a short text. What makes writing an art then? The most difficult part is to follow the basic principle of any art. You really have to reveal something about yourself. You have to dig through your life and search for important messages. I compare it to writing letters which will never be sent. Many authors skip this part because it is painful and they are ashamed to describe own feelings. I think the reason why it is easy for someone to write many books is because he barely thinks of what he is writing about. It just gives him pleasure to publish but his books have little impact on people.

On the other hand, there are authors who undergo the difficult revealing process. Their books have strong messages and reflect actions and desires many readers can identify with. But honest writing also leaves a mark on these authors in form of emotional distress. That´s why they are not able to publish more than one book a year.

So putting a strong message into your text is a basic principle. Then there is the continuous training of transforming ideas into words. The actual process is interesting. I have noticed that many people have problems of expressing thoughts with words. They basically don´t know how to tell what they are thinking. They describe same thing with different words when you ask them later. I think it is a skill that develops with constant reading and writing. I have been observing my own progress. When started a diary few years ago I was surprised how much room there is for improvement in such a basic action as composing a text. There is definitely a great amount of processes in human brain involved in putting thoughts into spoken or written words. I think the more skilled you are the less words you need to express your ideas. So beside of being creative you have to write as often as possible.

Final part is feedback from readers. If you write honestly you don´t know in advance what is your topic. You browse trough memories, recall difficult periods of your life and suddenly your topic unfolds. When you publish a strong message there is always a chance you make some people angry. Urging anyone to understand your text is useless so you have to admit people´s right to disagree.

There is a technical issue I would like to address — your first book should be as short as possible. I spent almost three hundred days selling books. What I witnessed was that people don´t like to buy thick books from unknown authors no matter how positive the references are. First you have to introduce yourself with a shorter text.

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