We Are The Change We’ve been Waiting For

Katorri Alexander

Raised in Shreveport, LA, Katorri Alexander graduated from Southern University and A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In May 2006, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts. While attending Southern, Katorri was able to grow and foster his compassion for his common man and his education.

In addition to the traditional Liberal Arts education curriculum, Katorri was able to take advantage of what was taught in the classroom and form his own independent thoughts and opinions of our society and what was necessary to succeed. Katorri also realized how much love of ones-self and history is encouraged through receiving an education at an Historically Black University.

“Learning about artists in the diaspora was one of the most satisfying experiences during my college years. Reading and hearing the works of Zora Neale Hurston, W.E.B. Dubois, Booker T Washington, and my all-time favorite Langston Hughes, gave me a perspective of culture and life experiences.

Through my readings I realized their ideals are similar to my own. What these people have decided to share in their writings has inspired me to hopefully pick up where they left off, but doing so with my own unique and individual point of view.”

Allowing his curiosity to flourish, Katorri soon moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his love of Acting. However, after attending a BTAN LA meeting in 2014, he soon discovered his underlying passion for community health and Risk Reduction. Through BTAN LA, Katorri was able to join Revolution in Color , a social group were young men of color are able to come together to discuss issues in the LGBTQ community and Los Angeles County.

“This group has become almost like a second family for me here in Los Angeles. Just like any family we have discussions about our lives, what we’re achieving thus far in our journeys, where we are working to improve ourselves, helping each other to find our strengths and use that in our day to day existence to reach goals we’ve set and, if possible, help others along the way.

Helping others particularly when it comes to sexual health and risk reduction or being “sex smart”. Having the knowledge to protect one’s self while engaging in sexual encounters, whether it’s once, recurring, and even in romantic and/or committed relationships. We’ve also been taught that it’s a good idea to share this advice with our friends and partners to do the same to protect themselves.”

Since 2014, over 11,000 Black Men who have sex with Men have been diagnosed with HIV. Early detection and educating the public on risk reduction techniques is one of the only way in which our communities will see change. “We are the change that we’ve been waiting for.” Through Revolution in Color, group members have the opportunity to create a fellowship within themselves. Empowering the community and taking back what is theirs. Through support and education, the Black community around Los Angeles county will have the ability to face any obstacle head-on.

“Even if someone just wants to stop by for visit and check us out or if you are looking for a support group with men of color from different backgrounds. We are all young men with common and a vary of interests that is able to be shared in a safe space. Everyone is welcomed. During our meetings you will have the opportunity to be educated on current events on both a national and local scale, health information and refreshers on risk reduction skills that can be applied to your everyday life.”

Revolution in Color meets every Thursday at from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 1833 W. 8th Street, Ste. 208. Connect at www.facebook.com/RevInColor

To learn more about Revolution in Color, call or text 323–536–1083.