Sexing my clients wife

When I was twenty I worked for a small firm that had a number of wealthy clients, I was often required to spend time at their homes. 
One morning I knocked on “Mrs. Smith’s” door, she answered in only her dressing gown
“Oh, I lost track of time, I’m sorry will you come in and wait while I get ready.” I followed her in and she asked
“Would you mind just moving some of these boxes to the garage for me I’ll only be a few minutes”
With that she went up the stairs and I moved the boxes for her.
When I’d finished I politely called her name from the foot of the stairs as there was no sign of her.
“ Up here, come on up I’ve something to show you. Last door on the left.”
It seemed a strange request but didn’t question and went up. I entered the master bedroom but no sign of her,
“In here”
She called from the dressing room. I followed her voice and peeked through the door, she was sitting with her back to me brushing her hair when suddenly she stood up and faced me, completely naked!
“ Do you find me attractive?”
I was staring at the floor not knowing what to do with myself.
“ You’ll have to look at me!”
I slowly raised my eyes, Mrs. Smith was probably around forty and was naturally attractive and obviously invested time and money into keeping herself looking good, I stared at her shapely breasts firm stomach down to her neatly trimmed pussy.

I nodded but could barely open my mouth to say anything. She then came close to me and grabbed the bulge in my trousers,
“I think that tells me enough, don’t you?”
I nodded enthusiastically while desperately trying not to cum there and then in my trousers. With that she started kissing me deep and frenzied, I tried to keep up but I was still in shock and my arms hung limply at my sides.
“Come with me”
She commanded and I followed into the bedroom
“ Take your clothes off, you’ve seen my body I want to see yours”
I fumbled around pulling off trousers, shirt and socks then stood in front of her in my boxers.
”You’re hopeless let me help”
Before I knew what was happening she had yanked them down exposing my throbbing cock.
She grasped it and kissed me again, then slowly lowered her body licking and sucking my nipples, then on her knees she took my cock in her mouth, caressing the end gently then sucking most of my length into her mouth. I couldn’t believe this was happening, I’d had sex with girls of my own age but nothing compared to this. I started to twitch sensing that I could cum any second desperately trying to hold on. She obviously realized and stopped, standing up again.
“Lay on the bed”
She instructed. When I had she stared on me again, carefully now, giving me a second of a break whenever I seemed to be getting close. Next she slid down and licked my balls then sucked one into her mouth, I was amazed never having had anything like that before! She gently teased one then the other, it was an unusual sensation, but very stimulating. Slowly she worked her way down further licking my rim, then pushing my legs further apart in order for her to push her tongue inside me. I was stunned, didn’t know people did this and felt dirty but incredibly turned on at the same time! She then stopped and looked up into me eyes and seductively began to suck her finger, I saw her dribbling down her fingers and then she pushed one inside me, slowly deeper and deeper. I was a little sore but as she worked it became immensely pleasurable her left hand was rubbing my cock at the same time and I knew that I really was going to have to cum soon! Within seconds it exploded onto my belly, Mrs. Smith dived back onto my cock and swallowed the last of flow.
“That tastes great”
It obviously wasn’t enough as she moved up and smothered her face on my belly licking up all the cum. She came up to my face a big grin on her face and my cum splattered over her chin. She kissed me passionately I could taste my cum in her mouth and now more confident pushed my tongue into her mouth to get more. As the kiss ended she wiped the last of the cum off her chin and licked her finger clean.
“I think it is definitely time you returned the favor!”