Websites Solving Business Needs

What’s the most common inquiry I get when someone needs a new website? It’s typically a rambling of buzz words and features they heard from their friend or peers. “I need a simple one page website,” or “I want to write blogs on my website,” or “We need to generate a ton of sales!” is usually how the conversation begins. The problem is these are vague subjects that underline a single thought the owner of the business has.

Ask the Right Questions

Immediately I respond by asking, “What’s the main goal of your business?” Sometimes a client knows exactly what that it, such as to generate leads; however, some clients need to better understand their business before they can answer that question correctly.

Each business is unique in what they do or need to accomplish in order to be successful. Barber shops need to book clients, restaurants need to fill seats, lawyers need phone calls etc. Depending on the business you may not need to have a blog, or sell something online. To be honest the best websites don’t scroll, are not heavy with content and are straight to the point. 
They accomplish the main business goal, nothing else.

A Simple Landing Page Generating Leads.

If you have 60 seconds to close a sale, your website with 10x pages of content will not do the job, but that landing page with one button will! Catering to your customers is key when creating a new website.

So that brings us back to our secondary question, “What’s do you need to convey to your client to close a sale?” It can be a 2 minute video that explains a product, it could be a quick description of your service, it may be a simple ordering form. Don’t overcomplicate things.

Plan for Now & the Future

It’s not easy to switch from a custom website to CMS platform like WordPress or to an e-commerce platform like Shopify. They are completely different websites and almost always require starting from scratch.

This is why it’s very important to know what your trying to accomplish now and in the future. A few simple questions like “Are you planning to sell anything online? or “how often will you be updating to your website?” can give you a much clearer picture of what needs to be accomplished.

Most novice developers will push you in one direction only. WordPress for example is extremely flexible and can solve almost any problem with a downloaded plugin, but the development time and maintenance requirements lock you into a website that can be very expensive. Just because it’s EASY, does not make it the right decision. In fact if your talking to someone about building your website and they say it’s EASY, just walk away right there, it’s a trap!

Shopify sites can also be a double edged sword. It’s the perfect platform to sell online goods or products, although it can slowly eat into your bankroll if your not making sales. Again there are great plugins to solve custom problems, but it’s not always necessary.

I’ve sold 40K a year in physical products on Shopify, while also selling $0.00 on the same platform with customized apparel. The difference was getting important info with an order, and having way too many variables. The right solution was a custom ordering form, not Shopify.

Research what your competitors are doing with their website. I can tell you from experience that sometimes there is only one solution to your business needs. Being clever may set you apart, but there will always be someone looking to copy your success and have more funds to work with.


Find the right entrepreneur, look for success stories and accomplish your business needs. Understand the investment required to build a major piece of your business’ success. Stop expecting a $500 website to make you a ton of money, don’t waste your time with Wix or Squarespace; these shortcuts will waste your time and money.

What makes a impressionable website? Get professional photos, find a committed web designer, create a mood board of your vision and prepare to spend 10% of your annual business income on a tool that will help your business grow.

Here’s my landing page with links to my social accounts with testimonials and portfolio examples. Feel free to email me if you’d like to start a project, or just want some feedback on your current site.