The Hydro DApp Store to Power the Fintech Web 3.0: Part II

We told you that the Hydro dApp Store will be the pre-eminent way consumers globally interact with the Web 3.0. We are steps closer to realizing that dream!

Thanks to Javier Zafra, we now have a glimpse into the future of what the Hydro dApp store can be! Javier made this awesome dApp called Pet Friend! It allows pet owners to tag pets, and then post rewards if their pets go missing.

Some of the cool features of this dApp are the following:

- When the pet owner posts a reward, funds from Hydro Snowflake are sent to the dApp and are escrowed in the dApp, until someone claims it.
- When the pet owner changes the reward (by modifying the report form), funds are updated, making a new deposit (or withdraw if needed) until matching the new reward from previous value.
- When the pet owner cancels the report, funds are withdrawn again from the dApp to Hydro Snowflake.
- When anyone claims the reward after a pet is found, and the pet owner confirms the reward, the funds are transferred from the dApp to claim the Hydro Snowflake funds.

The Big Picture

The dApp store will sit at Layer-3 in this graphic, building on top of the work done by the Ethereum community, and the Hydro protocol development community around the globe:

Just think about all of the potential use cases for real estate, mortgages, loans, institutional finance, payments, credit, and more. Hydrogen will be building specific business oriented dApps, that use some of the same principals from Pet Friend. This aligns with our vision to help billions around the world live a more decentralized financial life.

The Hydro Community, including awesome developers like Javier, will be creating dozens of other dApps that have broader use cases across other areas that need decentralized security and identity solutions.

2019 and Beyond

Check back in during the 1st Quarter of 2019 for the release of the dApp store to the public and the release of the first Hydrogen fintech dApps to the store! You can follow ambassadors of the open-source Hydro community on Twitter for up to the minute updates:

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