6 Hacks for Organically Boosting Your Alexa Ranking

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I’m gonna show you 6 of the most AMAZING hacks to boost your Alexa ranking. These tricks work fast too and you’ll see results in less than a month (results not guaranteed and can vary).

So, what’s Alexa? Alexa is a website ranking tool that provides analytics tools for site owners to evaluate and measure their growth.

How it works? Visit Alexa. Find the Search bar and type in your website address. Your global and country rank will pop up. Take a screenshot. Next, follow these 6 hacks and watch your ranking improve organically:

1. Add new content often:

So, how often is often enough? Daily. You want to touch your site at least once daily, adding me content, updating articles, adding photos, changing a page, etc. When you’re done, don’t forget to ping, at Pingomatic or another pinging tool.

Automate it

Tools like Tailwind are great for putting your pins on autopilot. You’ll see a huge spike in traffic doing this and there are analytics tools and much more to help you continue to improve and grow!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

2. Keywords are KING:

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “content is king.” This is totally true but what’s more, KEYWORDS ARE KING! Keywords get overlooked often. Oftentimes, the writing process starts with a topic you want to write then you just write it. Insert some links for affiliate offers, add images and you’re done. The process should look like this:

  • Figure out what you’d like to write about
  • Find relevant keywords
  • Search Google Keyword Planner for keyword ideas
  • Write and write and write, making sure you have a keyword density of 1–3%
  • Verify SEO targets and keyword density with Yoast SEO

3. Social media is your friend:

Create social media accounts for your blog and BE ACTIVE! Really! You should aim to touch social media at least 10 times daily. It sounds like a lot but it literally can take 5 minutes or less, total! Joining social media groups can really help. Here are my favorites:

You can also join niche forums and participate in conversations. Create a signature with your blog url to catch the attention of forum goers.

6 hacks for organically boosting your Alexa ranking

4. Create FAB articles:

Write about interesting topics. Think about questions you would have and craft your post around that question. Fill your post with bold headlines, eye catching photography, infographics, screenshots, and more. Aim for 1000–2000 word articles. Don’t have the time to write? Head over to Upwork or Textbroker, work with a freelancer and purchase articles.

5. Guest blog:

Go to Google and type “write for us” to see a list of sites that accept writers. Many times, as a guest poster you’ll get a byline with a linkback to your blog. Do this as often as you can to get great traffic back to your blog. Here’s an article I like with 140+ sites that accept guest posters.

6. Become an expert:

Go to Quora or Yahoo Answers. Search for questions you can answer. Aim for 5–10 answers a day and don’t forget to sign your name to each answer you provide with your blog url. You can also add your blog details in your profile page of these sites.


Follow these simple hacks and watch your Alexa rank grow.

In less than 30 days, as a NEW BLOGGER, I saw my ranking improve from 24,000,000 global ranking and NO COUNTRY RANKING to 3,584,000 global ranking and 563,000 country ranking! I didn’t have an Alexa ranking this amazing during the 3 years I operated my online store!

What are your Alexa rank-building tips?

6 Hacks for Organically Boosting Your Alexa Ranking


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