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Hey friends, it’s my 2nd income report in my 3rd month of blogging!

July 2016 Income report

I will be sharing my income and traffic report for July 2016. Drink Coffee & Propser is just a few days shy of being 3 months old!


I am NO SEO expert. I’m not a seasoned blogger or expert marketer. I’m by all accounts, a newbie blogger.

My blog is just a hair under 3 months old. I started blogging because I wanted to share the knowledge I learned over the years about working from home, online business, social media, and more.

When I started my work from home journey about 6 years ago, there was not a lot of good info online that I could find on the topic.

I learned my way through it all and boy, was that an experience. I want to make it easy for you so I’ll be revealing all my tips and tricks on the blog. Sign up for the newsletter below and bank my Cool Little Traffic tip for FREE when you sign up!


Instagram (BEFORE)

How I Went Zero to 14,000 Pageviews in 60 Days

Instagram (AFTER)

July 2016 Incoime report

July Goals:
 Facebook +100 likes (Goal unmet, FB is hard ya’ll, new action plan for August coming) +28 (186 likes now)
 Instagram 3500 followers (Boo, didn’t meet this goal but I did grow) +208 (3275 now)
 Pinterest 3000 followers (Close, but no cigar) +800 (2600 followers now)
 Twitter 100 followers (Working hard on this next month, goal unmet) +44 (80 followers now)

So, I met NO social media goals for July. Really disappointing. I got close on a couple. Does that mean my goals were too lofty? I don’t wanna aim low so I’ll keep reaching, ha.

My Social Media Plan-What Worked and What Didn’t

For July, you’ll see that my stats around the board are low. I had A LOT going on. I went on vacation and had a personal emergency that displaced my family and I from our home for a week.

Tough month and it did impact my blogging schedule. No excuses though, back on the ball for August!

Social Media What Worked

  • Using social media tools for growth. My secrets: Tailwind, Boardbooster, Instagress, Autopin
  • Being active and using social media regularly
  • Using social media groups and group boards

Social Media What Didn’t Work

  • Favoring my favorite social media networks, not giving enough attention to all networks

August Social Media Goals

  • Facebook 250 likes
  • Instagram 4000 followers
  • Pinterest 4000 followers
  • Twitter 150 followers


June 2016: 14,000 Pageviews

July 2016: 14,184 Pageviews

August 2016 Goal: 25,000 Pageviews

July 2016 Imcome report

So, things stayed about the same. I was WAY LOW on my posts in July, as so much was going on in my life. I’ve been seeing 700–800 daily Pageviews over the past week. Hoping this stays steady and increases I the next 30 days so I can hit my August goal.

I will continue my secret recipe:

  • Facebook groups
  • Guest posting
  • Pinterest
  • Pinterest groups

Check out more on my recipe here.



Alexa 3


Alexa 4

I am SUPER STOKED over the improvement with the Alexa rank, especially the Global number.

Still a big believer that more links equals a better Alexa ranking. More quality links though not garbage links that are purchased. Quality over quantity always. I get links by commenting on blog posts as well as on my social media bios for Bloglovin, etc.


My goal is to post 4–6 articles weekly. I think I posted far less than that.

I’m ramping up to do a 30 post in 30 days challenge. My goal is to get new content to the blog so there’s a really nice variety for readers and I’ve found that the more I post, the better my rankings get.

I published 12 posts in July, down 4 from June. Here they are:


My 2nd income report!

I’m sharing my income report because I want to be as transparent as possible. I started the blog as a resource for others who want to make money from home, start a blog and/or start an online store.

Sharing my earnings is a great way for me to not ill keep track of my income but also help others learn about what is working well for me and what’s not so they may be inspired to give my strategies a try. So, without further adieu:




  • Paid Online Study $100






July 2016 Income report

Thats double what I earned last month! I’m super excited. Hope I can double again next month. That wraps it up!

What are your traffic boosting secrets?

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