The Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2016

Hey friends, I am SO EXCITED to share with you that the Genius Bloggers Toolkit is finally here! Well, almost. It officially launches on October 26, 2016.

What’s this Toolkit All About?

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is an ultimate bundle. As you may (or may not ) know, ultimate bundles are huge bundles filled to the brim with courses, ebooks, videos, products, and bonuses. Typically you’ll receive 50–80ish products in your bundle and at a HUGE DISCOUNT (think to the tune of 97% off)!

I’ve shared past bundles with you.

Most recently, the Healthy Living bundle (featured in September 2016) came with a host of goodies to help with grain free living, weight loss, fitness, hormone health, and more. I hope you got to take advantage because once the sale is over, it’s gone!

The same holds true with this Genius Toolkit. As an insider, I got an early peek at the bundle and LET ME TELL YOU, you will not want to miss it!

I have been literally waiting for this all year! I do get early access but literally only a few weeks before it launched to the public.

Do you know what it feels like to wait months for something?

I am so swooning over all the courses, ebooks, and tools I have access to. You will love, love, love this bundle!

How to Get It?

On sale day, October 26, 2016 it will be up for sale and only for 7 days. You can buy it through this article. I’ll be posting some purchase links and Buy Now buttons so you can grab your copy early. Wanna be reminded when the Genius Toolkit goes live?

Just sign up here and I’ll shoot you a reminder email the minute it’s available to purchase.

While I can’t reveal just yet, what goodies are included, I can give you a hint. Some of the products I talk about a lot on the blog and you may even find some listed in my Resources page.

You’ll love the Happiness Guarantee, which means if you are unhappy with your purchase, you’ll have a generous window to return for refund.

Don’t forget, if you want a reminder when the toolkit is live, just sign up below.