Styling Guide to Waistcoats

If we look out to the world, everybody is merely a copy of a copy of a copy, repeating same styles, same clothes, same trends and same fashion. If they want to look casual, they end wearing a denim jeans paired with a t-shirt or casual shirt, or when need to look formal, end up with a shirt paired with trousers or chinos. While some formal event arrives, they get all dressy with a suit and that is how mostly everyone is dressing up! Although there is no harm in dressing up sensibly, but still, why to end up looking just a copy of everyone around. If given an option, would you not like to stand out in the crowd? Obviously, this is the zeal we need, to choose the right clothes for you and make you look phenomenal!

Waistcoats for men, yes, this is the part we usually miss out while dressing up and end up looking just like everyone else. Quite an injustice to such an elegant thing, waistcoats can make you look stylish and out of the league, while making no special efforts for the same. Get the best waistcoats for men in India from the Blackberrys online website and lead the game of sharp styling.

The waistcoat is something that brings in the dress code, yet gives enough room to experiment with looks and styles as well. What we usually think that it is something worn on too formal occasions and looks plainly boring, but that is not what it really is. We all do look at a few, looking sharp in their waistcoats and then think, that maybe it won’t suit us, and here is when we are incorrect. Understand the true potential of waistcoats and you will be amused by how amazing they are and how smoothly they can transform your personality from a regular self to an extraordinary self.

Blackberrys Waistcoats

Here are the things you need to consider while wearing a waistcoat:

· Look for a perfect fit waistcoat, you will feel like a king! Now the definition for perfectly fitted waistcoat is that it should have high armholes, sits perfectly on the shoulders, hugs your body properly and there shouldn’t be any pulling of fabric or buttons. A waistcoat is made to make your body look streamlined and tidy, so let it do its job by taking a perfect fit, nothing too tight or too loose.

· Buttoning up is an art and think of yourself as an artist! As said above, waistcoat is made to make you look tidy, so button it up, but not all of them. Leave the last one unbuttoned for sure, and leaving the first one is optional. This helps in easy movements, your waistcoat doesn’t rise up when you lift your arms, and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable while sitting.

· Nobody wants to look like a waiter and yes, there are a few very simple things you can do to look class apart. Firstly, choose your fabric carefully as per the weather, and never go for polyester. The rule is simple, whipcord and cotton for summers and corduroy or tweed for winters. Secondly, avoid any accessories on the waistcoat at any cost. Thirdly, pair it with things that don’t make you look like a waiter, like a black tie and a black trouser. Go for contrasts and patterns, you have a whole world of patterns and colours to choose from, then why to stick with black only.

· Acing the patterns game is very easy! While you are planning to mix and match, then be bold to experiment with colours and patterns, keeping a very simple rule in your mind. The rule is, patterns should have contrast in size, which means for every layer, the pattern should increase or decrease in size and should be different as well. Pattern mixing is very simple, if you are a novice then limit the patterns to 2, with a solid waistcoat, a patterned shirt and tie. If you think you are good at it, then go for 3, patterned waistcoat, shirt and tie, but in contrast. Never ever wear near-similar patterns together, as they will create a bad illusion for the onlookers.

Now you have mastered the art of wearing waistcoats, so go on, get waistcoats for men online from Blackberrys and look class apart.