The Being

- Oh…what’s that noise? Oh, ok.

It was the TV’s static noise. “Oh, ok”, but in reality, that’s what he always said whenever he felt the need to prepare for something. And the TV on — he didn’t even remember which channel was on when he fell asleep, and actually…was there still any channel that went off during the night? Weren’t they all 24-hours on? Just thinking of it made him even more afraid. He tucked into his blanket while stretching his arm to the side. Eyes totally shut. “Look to your right and the first object in your reach is going to be your weapon on a likely zombie apocalypse scenario”. He laughed, unease, and searched around for a PVC pipe of about 30cm; leftover from the last comic book convention, in which the writer for a pop culture blog he used to read suggested as a way of safely transporting prints home in the luggage. You just roll them up and store them in that piece of pipe; it was very light and would make no difference in the bag. That’s right, the PVC pipe was light. Too light. What threats could he face with such “weapon”?! A Chihuahua. No, not even that. But in fact, it wasn’t about that. He remained with his back turned to the TV, blanket rolled up until his head, just eyes and nose uncovered. He shivered and moaned. Tshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshtshts. He felt as if the noise would take shape behind him. Not shape, no — the fear was too great to even allow him to think such, he just felt something coming together a few inches from his back. He wanted to open a window. It was already daylight and he thought maybe, if he lit up the room, the presence would go away. Presence. Now it had a name. It was just noise coming from the TV. “But what kind of a monster gets you in the dark but not under light? What’s in the light, that isn’t in the dark?” What a shitty conversation to have with the son of an acquaintance. FUCK!! What a lousy moment to even remember that day. Where’s the remote? Why the fuck weren’t the remote around? Is it not what it’s made for? To be at hand, even if away from the TV? All he had to do was turn it off. He opened his eyes with great effort. Whew…the curtains wouldn’t allow him to see the screen reflected on the window. Just listening to that awful noise! He slowly reached under the blanket with his left arm. He was shit scared. Thank someone for that awesome sphincter, his parents, Mother Nature, human evolution. It didn’t matter. He just felt great relief when he realized the sheets were clean and dry. He searched around the clean and dry sheets. FUCK YEAH!! The fucking remote!! Now if he would just point it at the TV, or even better, reflect the infrared signal from the wall, the presence would go away. And with it all the spirits, evil or not (what difference does it make, anyway??) that were brought into the room. “But if the monster gets you in the dark, as well as in the light, will the spirit that comes with the static go away with it?” “Fuck you, Peter!” He tried to push the little boy’s voice away from his desperate mind. By leaning forward he attempted to move the curtains to get a clean surface to reflect the remote’s signal beam. “Nooooooo!” With a quick, clumsy movement he pulled back the blanket that almost fell from his head. No part of his body could be exposed from behind the shield. He grinded his teeth. Almost let out a scream! But that was it. Almost free now. With eyes shut, he aimed at the wall and pressed Power. “Work, work, work, WOOOORK!!” He wanted to shout, but wouldn’t. The noise, now, had a rhythm. Was the static breathing? It just kept getting better! Waving his arm to the back, he pointed the remote at the TV. Low battery? He pressed the button deeply. Nothing. “WHAT?!” The bed moved.

The Presence.

From the static.

Was underneath.

His bed.

Again… another movement. He shrunk in a corner. Before bracing his knees, he covered his head between them. “Oh legs, legs, get us out of here!” All it took was a quick jump and a few more steps. Three tops. And he would be at the hallway. Hallway. Hallway. One more place not to look. Another place not to be. The bed moved another fucking time. GOD DAMNIT!!! With a leap, while screaming, he fell on his back, knocking down the TV rack with his head and shoulder. When the TV fell to the ground the power plug was pulled and the TV was turned off. The noise was gone. Scared from all the sudden moves, the neighbor’s cat looked at him from under the bed.

- Haha… think I’m late for work. At least the TV isn’t broken.

He then took a towel and went into the bathroom. Still frozen in fear, the cat stared at the amorphous creature — that would stare it back, if it had any eyes at all — waiting unmoved in the hallway.