My Date With Karla

I asked a girl out on date from UNI. We had been friends for quite a while, however, we had been flirting for a month at least… and pretty heavily. We go into an argument during the date and it ended terribly. I pulled the rug half-way through and we went home. I actually feel that she subconsciously sabotaged the date.

The relevant facts:

  • She told me that she was very nervous about dating. I responded by saying it was normal and OK to feel that way, however, if she acted upon those feelings, that would be problematic. She said there was a lot of pressure.
  • I made a joke that she should shout me a drink. She got up, and I said ‘well, while you’re up…’, then, ‘I’ll do next round!’ She later reminded me that she lives in fairy tale and me not buying the first drink was a ‘no, no.’ She kept persisting it was wrong of me not to buy the first drink. I got annoyed by this and stated it was a trivial point and that it was anti-feminism. At some point, I ended up saying I am poor and I can’t provide her with that fairy tale. I then said she would have to date someone that is 30 years old and has a great job, not ‘a low life like me.’
  • I made flirtatious facial expressions in a humorous manner. These were identical to what I did with her during the upcoming month.

What I did wrong?

My lack of sensitivity towards her feelings. I’m still not convinced that the drink by itself was that meaningful. I think my wrong was that I was not understanding of her initial feelings regarding her dating anxiety. I then think the drink was just another expression of my insensitivity.

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