Hawaii and one massive mistake

This week’s entry will concern two completely different subjects.

First, Clarke is taking some much-needed time off by exploring the natural riches of Hawaii. So far he has befriended the local fauna, including a thirsty lizard and a tortoise in the midst of a beach tan.

Hungry, little fella?
Turn me over in about a half-hour.

Clarke is no doubt coming up with super cool mellow synth sounds during his trip. Black Books fam wishes him well.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, I have ran across a very disturbing article about a German woman who “transitioned” into a black woman.

Here’s my hot take on that:

Happy Texas Heatwave, y’all. Go jump in a pool or something.


p.s. Oh yeah, Gene Simmons apparently read our last blog post and changed his mind about getting a patent for the devil horns hand sign. Hey, smart move dude.

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