An Announcement

Some of you have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on Discord/social media the last couple months, without giving much explanation when approached about it. For this, I apologize. Simply put: Life happened (as it usually does), and I had to take a break from the community. To be honest, I wasn’t sure when or if I’d be able to come back. The universe is funny about decisions though. It kept pokkking and pokkkking, and when I still brushed it off… it said “nuhuh” and pushed me head first into something entirely unexpected. After working quietly for some time now, I’d like to share the new, exciting opportunity I’ve been given. I have left GankStars (in an executive capacity) and joined esports broadcasting network TGFN as their Branding & Diversity Initiatives Director.

What is that, and what do you do?

TGFN is a new kind of esports broadcasting network. It has two main missions: 1) produce gamer/pro-player shows which focus on the human element, 2) develop thrilling and enticing live events to draw audiences out (tournaments, lan parties, meetups, etc.). TGFN’s commitment to representing our diverse gaming population will be apparent in broadcasts, advertisements, and collaborations with tech/video game publishers on subjects like holding toxic minorities accountable. My job centers around promoting an inclusive positive gaming culture; results will be visible as content rolls out the next few months.

So what does this mean?

Quiet Dalia is gone. I’ll be active on social media again; watching all the tournaments and posting about updates. Other media/games will be added to the mix though. You’ll see me posting about TGFN and travel more. I’ll also be asking for community opinions and feedback. What shows types do you want aired? What events/tournaments would you compete in and/or attend? What do you want happening in terms of diversity? What collaborations from networks like TGFN and your favorite game publishers like SEMC would you like to see? Tell me, I want to know!

Final Thoughts

Looking back, I never would’ve guessed where downloading a little mobile app called VG would take me. Discovering MOBAs and SEMC, finding a close-knit online family, discovering esports, traveling across the country, joining the largest esports org in Vainglory, and now entering the broadcast world. I can’t say it enough: Thank all of you. Thank you SEMC, thank you VG community, thank you network fam. You have changed my life forever and for the better without even realizing it. I hope I can continue to make you all proud.

Oh, and p.s. I’ll be at TwitchCon. Find me on the floor!

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