As a beginner in rust, it has been the gateway to so many interesting concepts. Rust serves well as an amalgamation of a lot of interesting concepts in programming. In my experience, it was a gateway to things like functional programming and the importance of static typing. I am happy to have learned this language.

As the new year approaches, the rust community grows and with this growth comes feedback from the community. As a member of the community, I thought I would make my contribution to this topic.

More Mentor Support

I was lucky enough to find a great mentor on twitter to spend time with me every week. The mentor helped me brush up on my rust and directed me to the right places. This was actually one of my favorite aspects of learning rust because it adds a very human element to the learning process. One thing I have noticed is, as much as rust is very explicit from the technical standpoint, available mentor support is not. In this I mean, one would have to actively go out looking for a mentor rather than finding that information easily available.I think if we as a community continue to grow, we have to make sure we are able to help out the newcomers. I should mention that mentorship takes a lot of time away from the person doing the mentoring this is why this only applies to those that are able to mentor freely. Mentorship does a lot to help underrepresented groups of people.

Language Accessibility

Rust is very new and most of the documentation coming out is probably going to be in English because it is the most widely used language. However, we have to acknowledge that we don’t only have english speakers in the rust community and it would be great if some of the text was translated to accommodate non English speakers.

Another thing is that I think it was easier to learn rust for me because I have had previous programming experience. We need to ask ourselves, how accessible is rust to someone who has never programmed before.

Technical Rust

From the language itself, there is not much I could change since the language fits my needs.The only thing I would request is incorporating more functional programming concepts. We do have closures and iterators that allow us to use and incorporate high order functions but I think we could use more easier way of doing things such as curries. Also more syntactic sugar for long syntax would be great! I like short code.

Rust Team And Community

The language is great and I look forward to using it more in 2018. The community is very accessible and accepting of everyone and I hope we continue this in 2018. Rust community is a safe space and one of the only times I have felt accepted in a tech community.

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