Interplanetary Balloon travel is rough

I never thought it would take so long to get to my first destination. Everyone told me to just relax and enjoy the view. My biggest problem with that is perspective. There is no view in space. I am the view in space and I cannot enjoy myself since I cannot see myself outside of me. Everything else is just not there or is too far away to actually enjoy. That’s a problem when you are travelling in vast emptiness. But I managed to push through without losing the vast majority of my sanity. I don’t know how long I traveled. Perhaps some day I will find out. But there are more pressing matters at hand, since I finally arrived where I wanted to.

Several others have already been at this planet but due to lack of curiosity and thirst for all things peculiar, they haven’t been able to properly explore and discover everything extraordinary and mundane about this world. Nothing to worry about, I am here now and will chronicle every single step I make. For science! And something else I can’t quite remember yet due to balloon lag.