The story of an incredible trans girl and her family as told by another mediocre book by a…
Chelsea Manning

I think a lot of people actually *do* need “the power and magic of science and medicine” to understand things, especially those with an intellectual or technical bent.

When I want to communicate and understand something about humans, I want to do so on two levels: the inner, emotional level, and the outer, scientific or technical level. The inner level is more important, and that’s where it is very important to have the voice which has the personal perspective. Anytime I wish to understand as best I can others’ experiences, I want an authentic voice for that. And no one needs an outsider to give that perspective; they can get help with the writing perhaps, but it really should be their voice that is shown.

Anthropology has the concept of ‘emic’ or ‘Geiestes-Wissenschaft’ (spirit science) for a culture’s own understand of itself, and ‘etic’ or ‘Natur-Wissenschaft’ (nature science) for an attempt to understand something in terms of Western science. The authentic voice of someone in the group can give a window on the emic view; and that’s what is far more important to me as a reader, writer and researcher.