My Last $100: Becoming a Fancy Knitter Lady
Lindsay Woodbridge

This is relevant to my interests! For years I had a policy of only buying knitting/crochet materials when I had a specific project ready to go— not just because I liked the color, or because it was a good deal, or because I might buy that pattern someday. That means my stash is mostly cheap cotton and acrylic left over from coworkers’ baby shower presents, plus some failed projects that still need to be unraveled from their needles. Since I taught myself how to knit, I don’t have any knitting friends upon whom I could foist this stuff, so I’ve had a big plastic tub of leftover yarn acting as an end-table in a series of apartments. Curiously, since the election, I have been knitting like mad (exerting control over my environment? distracting myself from the news? who knows??) and recently plunked down $50 for a enough nicer-than-usual-but-cheaper-than-suggested yarn to make another baby blanket, colorway: Jalapeno. Who do you follow on Instagram? (asking for a friend;)

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