Crypto gets a new wind

Innovations and novelties form the base of the growth of cryptocurrencies and the benefits they give when prices arise. Still this sector of financial tools remains difficult to understand by the majority of Internet-users. CryptoCurve helps solving this problem by providing a unified place for storing, exchanging and earning cryptocurrencies.

What is CryptoCurve?

At first glance CryptoCurve is a wallet but the key feature is that creators are looking to really address the issues around new individuals coming into the crypto space certainly making it easy for them to be able to buy, trade and send transactions. The main problem of any existing crypto is that it can be quite daunting (if it’s not that straightforward) to realize actually where to go to buy, to send or how actually trade the existing coins. There are in fact too many exchange services and apps and a number of different ways and it is embarrassing.

CryptoCurve is taking all the existing and well-tried key features and also introduce some industry-first features into a very intuitive and simple design. This platform is trying to bring all the key components and common features that are used in the crypto-world every day into one place.

More important thing the CryptoCurve are focusing on is that the actual wallet itself is going to be built on the Wanchain blockchain. That is an interoperable blockchain and it allows to do cross chain transactions i.e. being able to exchange tokens that are not necessarily native to the Wanchain blockchain.

Another one feature is that CryptoCurve bases on the customer experience. The user interface that they’ve got within these pitch decks is very seamless and rather straightforward.

In addition they’re also going to be producing what we call ‘basic features’ for a quick buy/sell at the market price or advanced features such as limit stops etc.

The Nuke.

Nuke is an industry-first feature that takes a snapshot of user’s current position in all tokens that he holds and enables to sell all the existing tokens out when there is a downturn on the market or buy some new coins otherwise.

As the market goes further down users will probably be looking to come back in again at a cheaper rate. Nuke allows to jump back in either at the same position that user has sold out to maximize and buy in more tokens for the same amount of money. This feature actually will help to become even more profitable in a downturn market!

It is a single button to manage the entire amount of crypto-currency the users have.