Football Freedom

Football is the beautiful game to me for so many reasons: technically exquisite players performing in some of the world’s most beautiful places and pitches, world class athletes competing ferociously for game, for glory, for club and for country. It is truly the world’s game and I desire to share it in parts of the world where it is less known or appreciated (i.e. Black America). Football has this galvanizing power, similar to music, creating a universal language that can be understood by anyone. The games’ ability to draw people closer from all walks of life, to share moments of both victory and defeat collectively, has entranced me. It’s this innate power that not only makes the game beautiful but also transformative.

My mission is to spotlight how the game of football has shaped and transformed lives, communities, cultures, countries and the world over. Football to me, whether playing or spectating, is freedom — freedom for the spirit and the body. For countless many across this globe, football is freedom from oppression, from limitations, from bigotry and small mindedness, from discrimination, from prejudice. My goal is to share the game’s liberating spirit through the eyes, voices and narratives of people and places near and far. I thank you for joining this journey as we unearth the narratives of football freedom.