Blackie’s Vault Roadmap

Listing will take place on October 6th.

25% of all initial sales will go to charity for children with schooling needs.

First nft transfer includes digital frame for exposing your pieces at home.

All holders after 1 month will be airdroped a sister image of their piece (free +gas), belonging to the altered optics collection. A digitally intervened canvas artworks collection.

Still Life Collection will be 0.5 eth each.
Blackie’s Vault between 1 eth and 1.5 eth each, depending on the complexity of the piece.

Giveaway winners will get an OG professional canvas artwork nft. Rare piece for your collection 🎨 Don’t miss it!

One copy of each of the pieces in the Still Life Collection has been minted for Giveaways & Community expansion. More giveaways TBA! You all deserve it!



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