Black Mamba’s Machinaria

Hi, we are Black Mamba, a video game development studio located in Bogota, Colombia.

We are a group of friends that like to create games. We have been talking, studying and analyzing games for the last two years, and during the last year we’ve been participating in different game jams to practice and experiment interesting and innovative mechanics.

The opportunity of consolidate ourselves as an independent studio and start developing our first commercial game began two months ago. A group of friends trusted our craft and offered us seed fundings to start working on a game. Machinaria is the project we have been working on since then.

Machinaria’s First prototype Gameplay

The main idea behind this game came from the disagreement we share with the situation the world is facing nowadays, the spreading of fake news and the clear lack of objectivity in media is a delicate subject that people should look at. Based on Noam Chomsky’s ideas from his book “Manufacturing consent”, among others authors, we decided to create a game in a fictional world like our own. A world where there is no internet and the TV is the main source of information; similar to what it was in the ’90s.

The 5 filters of mass media summary by Al Jazeera

Machinaria is illustrates how the media manufactures the information to influence the public opinion. It is the way we use to express our critical posture about how the information is handled nowadays. However, the game we are developing pretends to be an entertaining and exciting experience.

We want the player to experience the power to control mass media communication and as result the public opinion; giving the player freedom to choose the emotional influence that the audience would feel according to certain news contents and characters. The player will begin as a news editor and gradually start rising , from directing news emissions to having the power to create his own bias agenda.

Two weeks ago we published our first prototype for Github’s game jam: Game Off, as we wanted to take advantage of its popularity to make ourselves visible. As a result, we discovered that which things we needed to improve in our future game’s versions and how to tackle them, despite of that, we noticed that the main theme is interesting and intriguing for players, setting a high bar on how far we can take this concept.

Machinaria’s first prototype trailer

If you want to keep up to date with the game development, you can follow us on facebook at @MachinariaGame . We are also on youtube as Black Mamba Studio. We will be publishing regularly game updates and relevant information as we want to receive as much feedback as possible.