I am not a Blogger

People acquire professional titles as they progress in life, Dr, magistrate, e.t.c, but one which I refute to be a professional title is blogger. Just like walking blogging is a means to an end and doesn’t warrant a classification. A person who walks to work is never referred to as a Pedestrian Chris (Pd. Chris), because titles assumed by individuals are the highest good or achievement they’ve earned in their endeavors.

At the moment I doubt if blogging features among my top three achievements, it’s just an avenue to share ideas. It is not a profession even if you are paid to do it.

The second reason why may not be a blogger is because the “blogging fraternity” has preset the goals and structure of blog writing. Ensure your post is search engine optimized (SEO), are you keyword loaded? I’m just here to share my thoughts, whether the post becomes popular depends on how many people find it interesting and not how easily web crawlers get to it. Then they’ll ask you, what’s your monetization plan? Well, I never thought I’d charge for my ideas but when it gets to that point I’ll get myself a publisher.

The third and main reason why I don’t qualify to be a blogger is my content, “bloggers” write commentaries on all events happening, a sort of information tunnel. On the other hand, I simply document my thoughts and occasionally update what I’m working on, “that’s not juicy enough, you need more content”, says the social media consultant, “it’s not good for SEO, content is king the more the merrier”,an addendum to it.

They’ll form associations to share on their experiences. I’d love to know if anywhere in the world there’s an association for pedestrians. Not everything needs a fraternity, the only thing worth sharing about blogging is the content which is already online. So, what’s my title? I haven’t figured that out yet but for the moment simply call me Chris Orwa, but if you prefer a title add Mr to it.

Originally published at blackorwa.com on August 31, 2012.

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