The Role of Stupidity in Elections

Whoever wins an election is either smart, lucky or a fraud, the first two hold true for developed countries while the combination of the last two hold true for third world countries. In the elements of luck lies the voter who cares not on the ration of their decision, after all it’s never that serious and that's where all our problems stem from.

Electoral malpractices as side, presidential candidates benefit immensely from the naivety of electorates, the dumber the better. Architects of the western civilization design democracy for a populous well informed capable of critical thought. Absent thought, a syndrome described by one man as ‘robotic voters’ endows the populace.

The problem does not lie in poor leadership it lays on poor choices, whether a president impeachment is entrenched in the constitution is irrelevant, another one will find his way up. Our problem is the people not the leaders, if you do not a have a good reason why you voted in a particular candidate join the bandwagon of the callous society.

Hoping for a president to educate the people who in turn vote him out after their enlightenment is highly improbable, we end up in a catch 22 situation who will change first, the naïve voter or the conniving politician. We all turn to the media, God forbid they will serve us junk about the politicians and not facts to aid on decision-making, after all scandal sell. Ours is a plebian state, the majority rule even if they do not know how to.

Originally published at on October 5, 2012.