Reality starts to sink in. I will be there, at Nasdaq MarketSite, next Tuesday, talk to former renowned CNN, Bloomberg News financial reporter Jane King.

To introduce BlackPearl.Chain to the world 🌎


Here, we introduce BlackPearl.Chain, a third-generation public chain designed by BlackPearl.Chain Inc.

The entire BlackPearl.Chain is designed…

If you keep up with cryptocurrency current events, then you’ve surely noticed just how often the question of scaling rises to the surface. Everywhere you look, blockchain projects and crypto media are always describing new and novel solutions to the problem of scaling.

However, while proposals about how to make…

BlackPearl.Chain is pushing decentralization into the future with a third-generation public blockchain that can out-scale centralized systems like Visa.

The BlackPearl.Chain network achieves blazing transaction speeds using a VRF lightning-fast consensus mechanism built in-house.

Finality is achieved in under three seconds using BlackPearl.Chain’s revolutionary VRF consensus. Its speed and security…

Most observers view Ethereum as the default smart-contract public blockchain. Having risen throughout 2016 and 2017 to previously unimaginable heights, Ethereum has recently come under fire for failing to meet the quickly emerging demands of commercial applications that are ready to switch to blockchain today.

BlackPearl.Chain, in contrast, is moving…


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