Breast Implants

The main reason that women seek to put silicone prostheses is the search for better self-esteem and safety as a woman. Complaints like small breasts and disproportionate to the body, sagging breasts, asymmetries are among the most common.

If you identify with one of these complaints, placing a breast implant can be a great alternative to improve your self-esteem as a woman.

The important thing is that you make this decision with confidence and security. Carefully evaluate your expectations and how surgery can help you. The results of your surgery will not always look the same as the ones you are used to seeing on the internet, and in your friends. Do not forget that every woman (and every breast) has its own characteristics!

Therefore, to make that decision with the utmost confidence and security, it is important that you schedule an appointment with a reputable plastic surgeon. It will help you make the best decision and choose the best technique for your case.

Without a doubt, the placement of silicone prosthesis to increase the breasts, can greatly enhance the self-esteem and safety of women with your body. Several published studies report that breast implants significantly improve self-esteem; improve symptoms of depression; women were more satisfied with their body compared to the preoperative period; they had a decreased risk of developing eating disorders.

The placement of silicone prostheses is usually done in hospitals, aiming for greater safety for patients. Even so, it can be done in clinics, provided that they meet all legal requirements for performing plastic surgery and anaesthesia (there are a number of norms and rules required by law and its own bodies and medical councils to perform major surgeries in medical clinics). For your safety, it is very important that you inform yourself of the conditions of where your surgery will be done. Do not put your health and safety at risk!

Almost always, prior to any breast plastic surgery, specific imaging is required. Usually, an ultrasound of the breasts or a mammography. The main purpose of these examinations is to provide a basis for your future breast exams after surgery as well as to identify some kind of alteration that should be better investigated prior to cosmetic breast surgery. When these tests show some type of change — the most common is the appearance of nodules — further investigation may be needed. The longer you consult with your plastic surgeon, the more relaxed you will be to do additional research.

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