The Journey So Far…

Erin Hass
Erin Hass
Apr 23 · 3 min read

Step 1:

A group of potbellied blue hobgoblins has broken into the house party. David and his friends are trapped in the kitchen while these evil imps wreak havoc throughout the house. Armed with nothing but a handful of household items they’ll have to fight their way through…

Step 2:

The gang bursts out onto the street. Without a moment to catch their breath a low and mournful moaning noise begins to build in the darkness. Christy shrieks at the sight of a bloated purple corpse now standing under the streetlight. “Looks like he’s not alone” says David as more of the creatures lurch forward. The gang tightens their grips on the makeshift weapons…

Step 3:

The gang catches their breath having gained a moments rest. “I really think we should check on Toby” says Christy, pointing across the street. Crouching over to the large living room window, David and Christy peer cautiously in. A lanky silhouette squats in the living room over a dark puddle. “Do you see that? Someones home, it’s Toby. It must be.” says Christy, “hey Toby!” The tall figure rises slowly, turning with a hideous toothy grin.

Step 4:

The gang stops for a moment after sprinting. “What are these things?” says Ralph. “I’m not sure but look there.” says David pointing to the fortress on the edge of town. David turns to Christy only to see her own shadow rising up behind her with outstretched arms. “Look out” Says David tackling her and throwing them both under the streetlight. “Look, it can’t get us in here.” Says Christy, “Ralph, quick!”

Step 5:

Moving from street light to streetlight the gang comes upon a dark bridge tunnel. It’s entrance is surrounded by a series of blood-painted pentagrams. Low chants echo from the far end of the tunnel. Three hooded figures appear, muttering incantations.

Step 6:

On the other side of the tunnel near the storm drains Ralph stops suddenly. “Yuck” he says pulling his foot from a slimy puddle. A sickening mound of flesh pours itself out from the storm drain. With a series of ugly gargling noises the thing belches forth some kind of toxic sludge.

Step 7:

“Hear what?” says Ralph, still trying to shake the ooze from his sneakers. “That.” says Christy as a large doglike creature steps out into the street and lets out a chilling howl. “Look there, there’s a light in the library. There must be somebody in there. If we can make it inside we can barricade the doors.” Says David. “But what if it sees us?” says Ralph. “Don’t let it see you” says Christy.

Step 8:

Ralph holds an open book in the empty library. “Listen to this guys. ‘roam they must, throughout the night. Bones and blood are their delight, though, in possession they have none. Possessing you is much more fun.’” As the words leave his mouth a howling wind rips through the library. Ralph’s eyes roll back into his head and an unfamiliar voice sounds from his open mouth.

Step 9:

in the park outside the library the gang is talking over what to do next. “Nowhere is safe.” Says Christy. “Not even here” says Ralph. More bloated corpses begin to shamble into the park. “There is one place… The old mine. I went there as a kid. It’s got to be around here somewhere. If you can give me just a little time I can find it again.” says David.

Step 10:

Christy hiccuped between stifled sobs, “not like this” she whimpered. The large snake body wrapped itself around the bases of her petrified friends. Two red eyes hovered before her. Christy tried to scream but her lungs were already stone. The demon slid past Christy’s face, polishing the newest addition to his collection with a sweep of glittering scales.