see me once…

I like your eyes and your gait

elegant & feminine they are

makes you soft and kind

I felt so on my sight, but you look away

when I see you, why?

How do you know I fell in love

we haven’t spoken yet, only our eyes had

I want to belong to you like a leaf to its tree

I want to be with you, talk to you, & listen to you

and love and love you, will you be with me?

will you be my wife? lets be Bailey and Mary

and live a wonderful life!!

will go for a walk, by the river and moon

every evening and by the dark night

will go for a trip through Atlantic in a ship like titanic,

just be with me day & night — always and forever!!

lets grow old day by day a hug , a kiss & a walk everyday

sometimes talking and sometimes silent

work and art by our way

sickness and sorrow will go away

lets have children as you wish

a boy or a girl doesn’t matter

let them be our love and life

will help them find their love

more than money, and fame

will live in a hut in a remote village

the dawn and the stars will sit by our side

to hear the laugh and talk — of our life

The joy of memory will be the divine

when death breaks us apart

take your time, no hurry

spare the letters and words

just see me once, I’ll know!!and I’ll know.