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Blackshiba Crypto is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that prioritizes the anonymity and security of users’ transactions. It uses advanced encryption techniques and decentralized technology to ensure transactions are private and untraceable. It’s would also be bridged over to the Shibarium as it’s expected to speed up token transactions, and lower the associated “gas” taxes that users pay for transactions.

Privacy techniques


Encryption techniques are used to protect information by encoding it in such a way that it cannot be understood by anyone without a valid decryption key. Encryption techniques are used to ensure that transactions are secure and private.

Public-key cryptography

This involves the use of two account-related keys — a public key and a private key — to encrypt and decrypt information. The public key can be shared freely, while the private key is kept secret and known only to the owner. When a user wants to send a message, he or she uses the public key of the receiver to encrypt the message data. The recipient then uses their private key to decrypt the transaction and access the funds.


Another method of encryption is hashing. Hashing involves taking some data and creating a unique character that represents that data. This can be used to ensure data integrity, as any changes to the data will result in a different hash. In the context for blackshiba, hashing is used to protect user passwords and other sensitive information.

Black Multiplier Marketplace

Another feature is its black multiplier marketplace, which allows users to buy and sell goods and services anonymously. With its focus on privacy and security, it offers users a safe and secure way to communicate and transact without revealing personal information.

What is the black Multiplier Marketplace?

The black multiplier marketplace ensures that users who continuously uses the marketplace to buy or sell, gets multiple cashback discounts in the form of blackshiba tokens.


Max supply : 1 Billion Tokens — 1,000,000,000

3% Max tokens per wallet : 30 Million Tokens — 30,000,000

Tax : 5/5


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Next generation of privacy token and decentralized Black Multiplier Marketplace that would be build on the Shibarium Chain. Website: