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NOTES of a PoDcaSt.

God gave us a voice, to use to express ourselves; even if the inner divinity isn’t suitable for the public domain. We still have a desire to relate.

As a 44-year-old man, born with a dark brown body. The way I am perceived in reality doesn’t match who I am actually. No matter what I do, if I were to speak my truth as true as possible, it is offensive to the female, to the white man, and to the Abramic believers.

At a certain age a man comes to realize, certain realities of life that he could have never known unless he spent plenty of time with his elders, uncles, and other men in his environment.

If I am talking to my son, or on behalf of my son, it does not mean that I have forgotten my daughters. I just mean that now is his time, and then was their time, and later time will come again.

I desire no one's pity, we simply desire fidelity, understanding, and the ability to relate. And the requires us to be silent and listen to what those on the outside say about who I am on the inside.

It surprises me how another human being (especially of another gender, race, or nationality) can tell another how they should think, and feel. This is where we must draw the line. I’ve learned that silence is a powerful tool to make what you say more valuable. But there comes a time when God, gives you a duty, a message to give, and that message must be delivered or else you can get caught up in a storm and swallowed up by Neptune.

When we speak about the reality of this world, in terms of human affairs globally and locally, we have to speak cautiously, and in code. I think every race of man could relate to that statement, we are all united in our spectrums.

People are experiences. We are an experience to other people. We enter into a domain, meet people, and impact their lives in some way. Some people have energy that causes people to improve their presentation, their posture, and their appearance. This is power and influence. Others do the opposite, they cause you to reduce your posture to fit into their presence. This is how you can sense and distinguish the difference between high vibrational energy and low vibrational energy.

Life is sensational, like music, we aim to compose a harmonic tune, a flow, a fidelity of high and low frequencies. A balance.

In this world, I am a man, and I am grateful for this experience. Today I was talking to my youngest son about being mindful and grateful for the body we have been endowed with. Everybody has pros and cons, gifts and curse that come along with our existence. My body is black, I thank God it is strong enough to handle the pressure.

One truth is, freedom of expression in modern society for most men is a myth. Whenever we say something to young males, someone intervenes and says what about our daughters.

I became a frequent writer because there is no one else to talk too but God. And God replies promptly, mysteriously, my story involves a walk with God, but the footprints are my own. God will carry us through a period beyond our imagination but it is up to us to do the footwork in faith. Faith that everything will work out according to God's plan because you’ve come to realize, you’ve made too many mistakes thinking you were making your next best move.

Many men live in silence. Unable to speak our truth in mainstream media, because our truth is offensive to other groups of people that we live with. And care about, them because we constantly withhold our breath, to spare their feelings at the same time allowing them to hurt ours. One of the two has to be the bigger dog, or else we both behave out of control. So we have to sit, watch and listen to our opposition control the narrative about who we are so that they don’t have to take accountability for their flaws. To avoid shame from their own ignorant mistakes. Of course, we are their blame for their setbacks, and at the same time we grant their liberty. We’ve built the foundations that enable them to oppress us. As soon as the systems fail, nature will cause them to realize that equality is a myth.

Another truth is love and happiness are not pursuits but unity is true strength. A man must take accountability for his mistakes and this is why expression is an important aspect of life. Your experience is an asset to the To exist on earth without having a voice

Right now men are debating whether or not it is wise to share their vulnerabilities with their wives, or serious girlfriends. Most of the advice you will hear comes from a theoretical perspective, with people with clout giving their opinion. You will rarely see couples who have been together for decades giving advice online. For one, these relationships are rare, and should be protected; clout and publicity is the worse thing for a wholesome home because it converts the focus of the household externally towards the matrix rather internally towards culture, pro-creativity, and divinity.

Ammo for as soon as she gets pissed. Eventually, your vulnerabilities will be perceived as corny, lame, weird, and weak. Better stay stoic.



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