6 Advantages of Concrete Polishing

What turns regular concrete into a surface fit for a ballroom? The simple act of polishing. Polished concrete is rapidly becoming one of the most popular flooring choices out there, especially for commercial spaces, lobbies, condos, lofts and high end retailers. It’s also used widely in warehouses and industrial spaced. So what makes polished concrete so great? Here are six powerful advantages of concrete polishing:

1. Creates a beautiful sheen. The main allure of concrete polishing is that it gives an otherwise boring concrete floor a brilliant sheen. The result is a surface that glitters like marble or granite, at a fraction of the cost. Once industrial and luxurious, polished concrete is at home in a variety of settings.

2. Brightens the space. Because of its high gloss sheen, polished concrete reflects light and can brighten up a space — particularly important in the often oversized, cavern-like spaces where concrete flooring is used.

3. Makes the concrete floor more durable. It’s hard to name a floor material that’s more durable than concrete, but polishing it actually makes it even tougher. That comes from the multi-step process used to polish concrete. The polishing itself is done with heavy duty grinders, which abrade it down to a smooth surface with much smaller pores than normal concrete. This minimizes staining, moisture damage and scuffing. Then the polished surface is treated with a “hardener” that sinks into the pores and makes the smooth, high gloss surface. That surface is nearly impenetrable and ultra-dense, making it suitable for even rugged uses.

4. Lasts for years. In keeping with its hardened finish, polished concrete is a long-lasting surface. It isn’t just resilient on a day to day basis; it actually outlives most other floor surfaces with minimal maintenance needed.

5. Creates numerous visual effects. For what starts with plain concrete, polished concrete has an impressive catalog of options. This includes colored stains, but that’s only the beginning. Polishing can bring out startling natural colors in stones or shells embedded in concrete. And by cutting “tile lines” into the concrete before polishing, it can pass as high-end tile, not concrete at all!

6. Less expensive than adding flooring. Polishing concrete is not a low-end flooring solution. But it’s also far from the high end of the price list. Since concrete is a common subfloor, polishing it can be more economical than layering an equally luxurious surface over it.

What kind of space would you use polished concrete for?