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Have you ever thought about a mix of the most played online game and the most used blockchain?
So we made a real Community for the Crypto community!
We are a DeFi project born on the Ethereum blockchain providing a printable native BWG NFT at a huge value .
Functionality to create custom public and private investment pools with their own governing tokens to invest with friends or for your telegram groups

BlackWidowGame (ERC-20)


Total Supply: 100,000 $BWG
Presale: 50,000 $BWG
Uniswap: 30,000 $BWG
Marketing and development: 5,000 $BWG
Staking: 10,000 $BWG
Team: 5,000 $BWG

Presale price $BWG: 1 ETH =
170 $BWG
Uniswap $BWG listing price: 1 ETH = 140 $BWG

Website : SOON!!

Smartcontract : SOON!

Twitter :

Medium :

Telegram Group :

Telegram Ann :


An ERC-20 which allow peoples go regain control of a crashed system ,farm and stake in crypto NFT

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