Customize Your Own Videos 1. Suit Up on PRISM LIVE!

No more Abracadabra; Now spell PRISM

Prism Live Studio

Are you familiar with terms like “Aliasing” and “Dissolve”? “Aliasing” is what we call the distortion of an image caused by the wrong frequency of the frames, and “Dissolve” is a gradual transition from one image to another. You see, when you’re editing videos, you must know many of these technical terms and effects. Unless you haven’t cast the magical spell PRISM, just yet.

PRISM Live Studio, developed by Naver, allows you to simulcast to multiple platforms, and provides numerous magical effects that spice up your videos. It’s time to unfold the mystery one by one.

Your videos deserve better.
PRISM’s filter-change

No matter how state-of-the-art cameras come into play, filters are still in charge of the overall vibes of your videos. The importance of filters cannot be overstated.From “Natural Filter” that adds some natural touch to your videos to “Film Filter” that brings a cinematic flair, PRISM provides you countless filters to meet your needs.

Same cat, but with different filters on, some might even look cuter, some more fierce. But, of course, cats are always cute in any filters you can possibly find in the world. Everyone agrees.
Fun is here with PRISM Effects!
PRISM’s Effects.

If the filters bring your videos to life, PRISM’s numerous effects can add fun. With copious effects PRISM offers, you can make your videos more interesting, lovely, and unique. Bring out the best artist in you.

No matter what effects you throw on this donkey, he never loses his smile. He’s obviously a very positive donkey. I wish everyone spread joy and their positive minds broadcasting live on PRISM.
How about some Motion Effect to change the mood?
PRISM’s Motion Effects

Sometimes you want to give your videos a little more dynamic taste to make it fancier, and colorful. It’s already so possible with the various filters mentioned above, but again, sometimes you just need a little more than that. That’s why PRISM has additional Motion Effects to make your videos “bouncy-bouncy”, or “fancy-fancy”. Let’s take a look at some examples down below. Since the donkey and the cat have each made their appearances above, now it’s time for a whole cat squad to show up on the stage!

In fact, the sax player in the background catches more attention than the cats. His jazzy vibes tell us what it takes to be a pro. What’s impressive here is the Motion Effect is also applied to his feet. Looks like the motion sensor is very sensitive. Well done, Naver!

From left to right, those are the examples of “No Effects”, “Filter + Effect”, “Filter + Effect + Motion Effect”. Without any effects, it was merely a “clip of cute cats”. With additional effects, however, it magically turns into a “clip of extremely adorable dancing cats”. Now you know what Motion Effects really do.

The total number of possible combinations of PRISM Effects Probably around, “694,320,783”?

Today we learned about various filters and effects in PRISM. Your fun can be tripled, all depending on how you use them. Plus, all the filters and effects are also available on the air, LIVE, which means if you actively exploit them going live, not only will it help you interact better with your viewers, but also make it more fun.

In the next post, I’m going to cover some details about video editing such as music, split, and other cool stuff. I’ll see you there!

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