PRISM’s Powerful Live-interaction Tools.

Mar 19 · 3 min read
“I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. Either your brains or you go live on PRISM.”

We talked about PRISM’s Live performances in the previous post. Today I’m going to talk you through PRISM’s interaction tools. Interaction tools as in, literally, the features that allow you to communicate with your audience when going LIVE.

PRISM is armed with some of the in-app features such as My Studio, Screen Sharing, and Live Chat to improve your communication experience with your viewers. Let’s break it down one by one.

Cuz LIVE is all about Communication.

PRISM’s Live Chat.

Live chat is what can give both you and your audience the ultimate fun and pleasure. Viewers make various comments on streamer’s actions and contents, which make the streamer more motivated and fun as well. To continue benefiting from this virtuous circle, the live chat should be clearly visible, yet not block the screen.

In this regard, PRISM, in spite of being a mobile service, perfectly meets the requirements by placing a reasonably balanced screen layout and a comment section.

Plus, a streamer can pop up an important comment and highlight it big, which makes it convenient for them to focus on the live-stream, not missing any crucial stuff. What I also liked is that PRISM is designed to cope with unexpected situations that could happen during live; there is a screen switching button and a camera ON/OFF in the upper bar, so you can act quickly when needed.

Multiple Screens on a Smart Phone.

PRISM’s Screen Sharing.

If you’re streaming 3rd contents such as game play or a sport game, etc. It’s time for you to meet PRISM’s Screen Sharing tool. Look at the example clip down below, doesn’t it feel like you’re video chatting with the streamer? Just like so, with Screen Sharing, you’ll be able to provide more various contents to your viewers.

Customize Your Favorite Tools.

PRISM’s My Studio.

If you’ve been watching live-streams regularly, you’re probably aware that every streamer has their personal favorite music or effects. Sometimes these music and effects represent a streamer, and they play a greater role than you could have ever imagined.

To meet this streamer’s demand, PRISM has a tool called My Studio that allows you to sort out your favorite photos, videos or music.

When you swipe left during live, you have an access to My Studio in which you store all your favorite sources, and immediately apply them in your videos with a tap of a finger. You can also set up an intro in My Studio, which will come in handy a lot because we all know the importance of a thumbnail in live-streaming.

Now we’ve covered the unparalleled merits of PRISM Live and its interaction tools. It’s surely a well-made service that meets the users’ various needs.

Not many people use it yet since it’s still a very newest platform in the market. Given its numerous merits, however, a streamer should not hesitate to try it out themselves. I’ll see you in the next one!

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