Taking a Day Off

But not from writing.

One of a set of triplets born two weeks ago. :) (Picture Credit: Loki Johnson)

Today was a day off.

Today was filled with good food, good family, and enough cute animals to turn my entire vocabulary to d’awwwwwwww. And since it’s 10pm and I just walked through the door, the majority of this post will be cute animals. :)

Photo Credit: Megan Johnson

My aunt’s farm is home to 8 cows, countless chickens and goats, and of course, my aunt and uncle. ;) Above are a few of the residents.

Photo Credit: Megan Johnson

This is Rosie, one of the bovine residents, and arguably the friendliest to strangers…unless you have food in your hand, then they’re all pretty friendly. Rosie likes to just stick her head in the food bucket though!

Photo Credit: Megan Johnson

This, on the other hand, is Cinnamon — you can tell because her ‘hair’ is curly instead of straight like Rosie’s. She doesn’t like me until I’ve got food for her. (Yes, that’s my hand)

I’ve got numerous other pictures, but they feature my children and I make it a point to avoid putting their photos on public accounts wherever possible.

Today was a great day. Sometimes you need a day off in the middle of the week.

And that top picture is absolutely becoming my profile picture…everywhere.

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