The Medium Month Challenge — Halfway There

Is writing every day doing me any good?

Like many of my fellow Ninja Writers, I took up a challenge to post on Medium ever day for the month of May.

(Not sure what Ninja Writers are? Look here!)

For some writers, this has been a great thing — Shaunta Grimes’s more than tripled her already substantial page views by blogging every day. (Read more about it in her post here.)

Others, like Mateja Klaric found that their page views were dropping to the point that they stopped after two weeks because they were worried about doing further damage to their readership. (Her post is here.)

Surprisingly, I’ve managed to stick to this daily goal thus far — posting every single day or making sure I schedule posts for days that I’m not around. After reading Mateja’s post this morning, though, I decided to check my stats. I’ve seen a steady number of recs and highlights but

A. They’re almost always from the same people. Hello and thank you, loyal readers — you know I love you! ❤

B. They’re steadily dropping off as the days go by.

Screencap at 2:45pm EDT, 5/16/17

I had one really good day — May 2nd, my piece about life imitating art was featured in the Ninja Writer’s newsletter and took off with an astonishing….193 views.

I had one piece do really well at the beginning of May, but it’s not reflected in my stats as you see them above — my May 5th piece about self care and social media did a bit better with slightly more than 200 views.

Other than that — my stats kind of suck.

There are three possibilities that explain my lack of stats.

  1. I don’t have anything worthwhile to say. This is entirely possible — I’ve mostly been writing about myself, my children, and my writing journey. My stories about mental illness do better, but not by enough to actually make a difference.
  2. I’m not popular enough to warrant the follows. It sounds petty but the internet is, at heart, a popularity contest.
  3. I’m just a lousy writer. Speaks for itself.

The one good thing I’m getting out of this is building a habit — the habit of writing every single day.

It’s not an easy habit to build and for that I’m grateful.

But I probably won’t continue posting every day once the challenge has finished.

The posts I’ve made in the past that I’ve had time to craft may not have been as prolific but they’ve been better.

And I’m still learning as a writer. I’ll spend the rest of my life learning and that’s not a bad thing. Maybe I’m better off sticking to fiction and pouring my heart into poems because I don’t have anything to teach anyone and that’s okay too.

Either way — you’ve still got two weeks of me blathering about nothing in particular so buckle up!

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