ICL , Bhandari Starlife Eye Hospital & Bladefree Lasik Laser centre


What is ICL ?
If after detailed checking ,corneal thickness is inadequate to carry out Laser vision correction , then ICL phasic intraocular lens implantation is considered as the final frontier.
With the ICL , very high numbers can be corrected quite accurately. Here also we have to test the patient suitability for ICL implantation.
For more information on ICL , you may click HERE to reach the official website of Staar , the manufacturers of ICL
How long do I need to stay in Ludhiana for Laser vision correction ?
For PRK you may need to stay for approximately 6 days
For Normal LASIK , approximately 3 days
For Bladefree LASIK , approximately 3 days.
We believe in making sure about the wellbeing of our patients before we let them go home back to their city , hence the longer stay.
Patients belonging to Ludhiana may go home same day and come for followup as told.
How can I get more information about Laser vision correction ?
Yes. You may send an e-mail to :