The Ban. And the New opportunities.

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As this is a National Security & Economic Sanction to China, we must wholeheartedly welcome this move of banning these apps.

These apps cumulatively have more than a billion users and they are mostly from India. It will affect the valuations of these large Chinese Holdings, help in data sanctity & encourage the nation to go #local.


There will be repercussions.

To all #entrepreneur, #chineseinvestee Companies, all the #employee of companies like #ByteDance and General Partners, Venture Partners, Analysts of the #venturecapital Companies,

There will be no Chinese Money for a long time. In all probability all Term Sheets are only papers. …

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Nepotism in Bollywood.. Lost in translation.

It is purely a prerogative of a Johar, Khan, Kapoor, Chopra to put their money, hard earned or otherwise, where they believe it is right.

Anyone questioning that is like hitting their own head to a stone. They aren't a company or industry, as it is made to believe. Individuals either entertaining or making entertainment related content, which you, I and the rest lap.

We spend money, they earn from us. Just like a consumer would buy product, the company makes a profit out of it after paying salaries, taxes and the vendors.

They aren't suppose to believe in anything. CSR or philanthropy or working for a better ecosystem completely remains a statutory obligation or a PR effort. …

Post Cyclone #Amphan update. As a survivor.

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No one was ready for the scale of the disaster. It can be because of no experience in handling issues like these (disaster recovery and continuity is a mainstream work & study) + zero anticipation about what the devastation could lead to. Cannot blame everyone, but yes this too much of Ami Bangali, We will rise and taken things for granted is a way of life has to be blamed.

CESC did a false advertising with a very low quality graphics on twitter and they definitely are caught with their pants down.

Cannot say the same about Airtel and Vodafone. The most affected for reasons unknown. Till the destruction was on, their networks were well oiled, it's started blacking out exactly 12 AM onwards, when people started looking up to the facts about what happened. They turned back again at 3 AM only to lose for the entire day till way early in the morning today. Don't know about Vodafone but Airtel is on 2G speed. Looks the voice was on for long in disrupted fashion but the data was the issue. Any guesses why? I will not provide any fodder for speculations, you guys can make your own assumptions, technically or otherwise. …


Rana Dutta

Gear XII Ventures

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