About two years ago, with a team of 7, our founder / CEO Steve Zhao built technology for real time inverse kinematics with virtual reality in confined spaces, developed a ridiculously fun experience on top of it, and launched our first retail Sandbox in Hong Kong.

In short, Steve built a real holodeck.

And a little over a year ago, I joined Sandbox VR as their Chief Product Officer.

I 100% believe there exists no team in Silicon Valley that could have possibly done what Steve and his Hong Kong based team did with the resources they had.

Their schlep-blindness…

About 2 years ago, my friend Steve calls me about an idea he had:

Steve: “You know about escape rooms?”

Me: “Kinda. I’ve never tried one, but I understand the concept.”

Steve: “I’m going to make escape rooms … but with VR.”

Me: “That is literally the dumbest idea I’ve ever been pitched.”

I’ve been friends with Steve for close to two decades, and he’s been building games and companies that make games for as long as I’ve known him. …

Siqi Chen

Chief Product Officer @sandboxvr, vp growth @postmates, ceo @getstolen/@heyday, gm @zynga, investor @TouchOfModern, @Amplitude_HQ, @Nomiku, @smashgg

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