I resolve to write.

Been contemplating this for quite awhile and I’ve decided that there’s no better time to commit to documenting my experiences than now, at the age of 21, at my facing of the crossroads between youth and adulthood.

Writing can be difficult. I have done a couple of ghost writings — mostly as part of my content strategist role at the startup I’m currently intern at. There are days where you need to meet certain deadlines set, but the inspiration just happened to run dry on that day. This was the reason why I hesitated for such a long time on whether documenting my experiences would be worthwhile. But now that my time with a local startup approaches its end in about a month and that I will be embarking on my next entrepreneurial adventure in Beijing, it would be such a waste to not document the great learnings I will potentially glean from Asia’s most vibrant entrepreneurship hub.

I hope to be able to look back well on my varsity days someday and remember the learning and professional development opportunities I was gifted with. For now, I’m hopeful that this small pet project of mine to document my experiences and adventures will keep well in time to come.

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