Leviathan: The Future of Storytelling

Right now at #Sundance, Tawny Schlieski and her team are unveiling a project that sets my hair on fire.

Tawny is an agent of the future. A whip-smart, perceptive seeker who, unsurprisingly, is a research scientist at Intel Labs. She is also one of the brains that birthed the Oregon Story Board. http://www.oregonstoryboard.org/about/

Schlieski and her team have quietly, doggedly been working on a very ambitious project — a cross-collaboration that bridges Intel with USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, and that fuses art with cutting-edge technology to create compelling, immersive storytelling. Even writing that sentence makes my heart race.

The project is called Leviathan, inspired by author Scott Westerfeld’s steampunk series of the same name. And I believe it heralds the coming age of rich transmedia storytelling. (More can be found here about Leviathan, thanks to The Creators Project: http://ow.ly/XrUYW)

The @Leviathan_5D team, and all the bright collaborators on this project, have developed a proof-of-concept that blends everything I’m passionate about: art, technology, creativity, cross-discipline collaboration, and story, immersively delivered within a built environment. (My heart is hammering again.)

When I envision this potent alchemy supporting engaging, transformational narrative, I see the potential for experiences that can ignite our imaginations and reawaken awe.

Awe changes us. It sparks empathy. Humility. It also triggers transformation. Action. As humans, I believe we need awe like we need water. We can’t exist without it. Yet it’s conspicuously missing from our current mass-media diet.

That’s only one of the reasons I’m dedicated to building alliances that can bring this magic into manifestation across a number of use-cases and contexts. The challenge for me will be … can I do so without hyperventilating or having a heart-attack of joy.

For now, I’ll keep breathing. Breathing, and passionately applauding the successes of fellow visionaries like Tawny Schlieski, and the entire Leviathan team.

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