We don’t have time for this.

We don’t have time for this. None of us do. There’s no time for the hate, the deception, the fear mongering, for the vitriol. We all have lives to live and none of these things make for meaningful life.

Life is about dreams and creation. Life is progress through failure. Life is believing anything is possible, no matter how crazy it may seem. Life is experience, expression, exploration, and most important, love. Compassion is essential to our survival, yet it seems increasingly difficult to come by these days.

Too much time is being spent, focused on the arbitrary. Borders / religion / status — all things put in place to soothe our fears or establish a sense of dominance by declaring others as less deserving. Laws are established and lines are drawn to deny others the same liberty and safety we ourselves desire. Our thoughts and actions should not be dictated by anything other than a sense of humanity — embracing the fact that we’re all here for the same reason, that we all have dreams, and that each and everyone of us deserves the opportunity to thrive.

At this very moment, there are awful, and I mean awful, things playing out across the globe. And while much of the world is quick to brand the perpetrators of these events as monsters and heathens, our own culture is becoming increasingly hellbent on destruction, revenge, and spite. Let us instead focus on a compassion and creation.

Contrary to what much of the current rhetoric would have you believe, compassion is not a sign of weakness. There is no price attached to showing kindness. Despite what is chanted at rallies and spun in the media, no one is trying to take away what anyone has worked for. No one is asking for extreme sacrifice. What the world needs is simple compassion — compassion for all, whether you agree with them or not. For no matter the perceived cost of an outstretched hand, the results of a lack of compassion are far more costly.

No matter your worth, your accomplishments, your geography or belief, I will never be convinced that any person is more or less deserving of liberty and happiness than the rest of us.

To be effective, a civilization must be led with this same sense of humanity. True leadership is representative of all, not just those who align. We deserve leadership that embraces and celebrates all members of the our population. To view any differences as a weakness or enemy is a threat to progress and an opponent of humanity. Only by lifting up one another can we all fully realize our dreams.

Please be kind to one another. We’re all in this together.

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