Cash Rules Everything Around Me — Wu-Tang Clan

There isn’t a single business I know of that doesn’t consider cash-flow on a daily basis.

Why? Because Working Capital is essentially the life-blood of business.

Need Employees? Money!

Need Parts and Samples? Money!

Need to Launch that eCommerce Packaging and ShipIt 🚢? Money!

Obviously this situation of wanting faster payments is not new, but Amazon has their own limitations and requires you to utilize outside partnerships.

As you might guess, nothing is free, and you’ll end up trading points depending on how rapidly you want to be paid.

Every business/account is…

With less supply in non-US markets, Amazon is trying to go “Global”

Amazon has selectively rolled out a “global store” badge and increased supply dramatically in their international marketplaces.

[Example] Notice the Slight differences:

UK Global Store Link:

US Link:

As shown below, the badge lets customers know they can have things delivered from the US after its properly imported through customs and duties are paid, all handled by Amazon.

US Version: UK Version:

In a move that is sure to boost their global supply, we have seen many US items being listed international with a Global Store badge.

From our experience roughly 90% of vendor COGS are from the US purchases.

The results are unique per category…

Pushing our humble landing page to a new frontier.— visit on your iphone/android for similar experience

Recently I wanted to give our landing page a little upgrade. Google Analytics showed 90% of our visitors are on desktop and the other few remaining people are on iphones!

I decided to try out adding a fancy background video.

The majority of posts about this will show you how to hide the video on mobile(because iOS had a problem with videos), but I’ll show you below how to get that working as well.

TLDR; I paid a drone operator to fly over some random shipping vessels in Europe and give me the videos!


Here are the basic steps for a video slideshow. I have gone into further explanation for each section below the demo GIF.

  1. Optimize your videos…

The famous Amazon patent expiration could signal a shift in things to come.

Amazon’s 1-Click patent is expiring and it only means one thing: 📈

Lets close our eyes and imagine never typing your credit card number ever again… Like the soft sound of nature, birds chirping 🐦, rivers flowing…

Our smart phones would become useful again.

The 1-click functionality could have made our lives easier

Until now our friends at Amazon had it locked down behind a patent.

Patent US5960411A — Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network

Filed on 1997–09–12, Granted on 1999–09–28 to Inventors: Peri Hartman Jeffrey P. Bezos Shel Kaphan Joel Spiegel

Unfortunately we will never know the full extent Amazon has gone to use this patent to prevent others…

Falcon Punch & Alexanderson

I have had the geekiest crush on falcon-punch since a long time ago when releasing blah blah. So much love in that track.

Today is a new day. But is the time borrowed?

My first favorite track by falcon punch:

Facebook —
Instagram —
Spotify —
Soundcloud — @falcon-punch

Releasing an album that sat for years

My buddies at viper creek club always churn out music and side projects that I find fun to listen to.

Last week they decided to post some new tunes under pseudonym “The Woods”

Maybe how to get an idea for yourself

I recently saw a fun conversation on twitter about working remote with tons of replies and thought I’d offer my story and opinion about the subject.

Back in the day(2015) I was working for REDACTED as a senior frontend engineer. Shit was dope. Wrote a ton of React and made a bunch of friends.

Then I met my future wife on a weekend trip to Seattle. We didn’t know it yet but things were peachy and we were happy to start a long distance relationship visiting each other every few weeks or so. …

😍 😘s

A look at componentDidCatch and componentStack

React has long needed a solution for handling errors.

For ReactV15 use handle_unstableError

Since early React development, it was fairly common for a small component throwing an error to break your entire application.

As confirmed recently on github, React Core has decided to implement a built-in function called componentDidCatch ! I personally requested some input on this October 21st 2015, but the main ticket started tracking this error/solution back from Nov 3, 2014!

We have patiently been waiting 996 Days!

Lets take a look at it!

React 16 will provide a built-in function called componentDidCatch which is triggered if the render() function throws an error. …

found on amazon —

Amazon’s new brand page experiences take advantage of Facebook’s Interface Framework!

This article was originally posted on our blog — Blair

As Amazon’s 3rd party merchant network continues to grow, its nice to see they also continue building tools for brands and vendors in their network!

I run Growth and Business Development at an Amazon Manufacturers Representative Agency which means we focus on eCommerce accounts, specifically,,, Wayfair , etc.

In the early days it was an excellent experience to become an Amazon Vendor partner. They’re leading edge and offer a huge opportunity for growth(they still do).

More recently Amazon has built a little bit of a thick skin…

Followup to “You probably don’t need redux”.

My last article lamented the over-use/over-hype of using redux in your react apps. I’m not against redux, but I think react is better when you really understand it before pushing yourself to use redux.

Some feedback about my last article

It got some good feedback, and I wanted to followup and include a vanilla async example to backup my react-without-redux flow.

The Demo — Shows 3 states, not-loaded, loading, loaded.

The Code roughly 40 lines of javascript will cover enough logic for all 3 states. An error state could easily be added…

Blair Anderson

Amazon Manufacturer’s Representative @

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