Amazon quietly launches ‘Global Store’ Badge in Non-US Markets

With less supply in non-US markets, Amazon is trying to go “Global”

Blair Anderson
Dec 13, 2017 · 2 min read

Amazon has selectively rolled out a “global store” badge and increased supply dramatically in their international marketplaces.

[Example] Notice the Slight differences:

UK Global Store Link:

US Link:

As shown below, the badge lets customers know they can have things delivered from the US after its properly imported through customs and duties are paid, all handled by Amazon.

In a move that is sure to boost their global supply, we have seen many US items being listed international with a Global Store badge.

From our experience roughly 90% of vendor COGS are from the US purchases.

The results are unique per category, but most vendors conclude that the international markets are not worth jumping into by themselves.

We are Amazon Consultants that partner with brands to make sure eCommerce is a business priority.

We see UK/Spain/Canada/Germany markets are not as mature and clearly not prioritized by Amazon, which is mirrored by vendors and sellers.

Why is this happening?

It all goes back to the “Bezos Virtuous Cycle”.

Growth cannot happen without an influx of vendors/sellers.

Most vendors/sellers are not dying to expand outside of US because they know the upside will require investment.

What are the details?

  • Shop Amazon’s worldwide selection
  • Reliable international delivery in as little as 2 business days
  • Sold and shipped from abroad. All import customs duties and taxes included at the time of purchase
  • Customer service and returns processed by<insert local market>
  • Separate terms and conditions of purchase apply
  • Manufacturer warranty will not apply

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