Hi, I’m a Redux maintainer.
Mark Erikson

Hi Mark! I’ll add your link to the end of the article!

I have nothing against redux. It happens to be a very well known state-management library and gets thrown around commonly as “the thing you need to use if you’re writing react”. For people that are still on the learning curve I think it adds complexity:

  • <Provider>
  • mapStateToProps()
  • Reducers
  • Stores
  • Actions
  • createStore(reducers, applyMiddleware(…someMiddleware))
  • … am probably missing stuff…

I’d say that AJAX request are MVP for building any frontend application and going from create-react-app to create-react-app-with-async-redux-actions requires reading a little bit about all the things in that list above and scratching your head for a while… 👍

Again, no hard feelings. Just want people learning react to focus on the components and really understand state/props/refs/callbacks/HOCs before touching redux.

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