How I Started Working Remote

Maybe how to get an idea for yourself

Blair Anderson
Jul 31, 2017 · 2 min read

I recently saw a fun conversation on twitter about working remote with tons of replies and thought I’d offer my story and opinion about the subject.

Back in the day(2015) I was working for REDACTED as a senior frontend engineer. Shit was dope. Wrote a ton of React and made a bunch of friends.

Then I met my future wife on a weekend trip to Seattle. We didn’t know it yet but things were peachy and we were happy to start a long distance relationship visiting each other every few weeks or so. After all we were typical busy millennials 😬😜😐.

Unfortunately at the time my employer had a no-remote policy and no office in Seattle. This did not deter me from keeping the job or the relationship. I continued both.

After about 6-months I decided it was time to make something happen, I broke this problem down.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to work 100% remote, people continually asked at all-hands meetings and it was continually out of the question. I thought “But how about 1-week per month? Every other week?” sounded like a strong possibility.

I spoke with my manager the next week:

And then I shut up. (This is sales pattern: Explain, Ask for the sale, Listen.)

So my manager went to his manager, they had a few cycles of going back and forth but it wasn’t long until I had the schedule I wanted.

It turns out that corporations are people and they sometimes have souls and sometimes care enough about people/productivity to make special cases for their inner beings.

Moral of the story:

If you are a good contributor(relative to your team), your managers are likely to ignore company rules to keep you satisfied.

There is no reason this can’t happen for you.

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