How to Get Paid Faster as an Amazon Seller and/or Vendor

Blair Anderson
Jun 5, 2018 · 2 min read

Cash Rules Everything Around Me — Wu-Tang Clan

There isn’t a single business I know of that doesn’t consider cash-flow on a daily basis.

Why? Because Working Capital is essentially the life-blood of business.

Need Employees? Money!

Need Parts and Samples? Money!

Need to Launch that eCommerce Packaging and ShipIt 🚢? Money!

Obviously this situation of wanting faster payments is not new, but Amazon has their own limitations and requires you to utilize outside partnerships.

As you might guess, nothing is free, and you’ll end up trading points depending on how rapidly you want to be paid.

Every business/account is different and below is a short list of for getting paid faster depending on where you fall on the Amazon Merchant/Vendor landscape.

You can utilize the money that you’re owed from no matter if you’re a Vendor or Seller.

Get Paid Faster as an Amazon Seller Merchant

Amazon Sellers have multiple financial providers willing to expedite your receivables while trading some points.

I have no connection with any of these companies, and these are not affiliate links. I have listed the most well-known companies I could find. (If you have experience working with others, please leave a response and I’ll update the list.)

Get Paid Faster as an Amazon Vendor

Being an Amazon vendor is getting harder by the day, as they squeeze you for pricing, terms, AMS, AMG, etc.

Cashflow Should not be a problem for you, but totally understandable if you took over an under-managed account.

Amazon has just partnered with C2FO to handle accelerated payment programs for their vendor system.

Amazon Early Payments Program — (see stats)

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