I am curious: what has created this contempt you have against “liberals”?
Robin Chancer

Ah, go right to the personal attack because you know there was a kernel or two of truth in what I had to say. Any contempt I have for someone is when they ignore reality and opposing viewpoints in favour of their pre-set worldview.

I am not a particular supporter for or against Trump. Other than how his policies are going to affect Canada, you guys can run your country anyway you want, that’s your business. What the rest of us are tired of is people like you who have this viseral hatred for anything the man and his administration stands for. Time to get over it and stop acting like sore losers. The white noise you’re creating is falling on deaf ears and you won’t be taken seriously by your opposition until you stop talking in hyperbole and being ‘triggered’ by every POTUS tweet or action.

It’s nice your a social worker, I’ve done the same work. Here’s some more truth, those folks you work with weren’t going to be much better off with Hillary. At least Trump is really shaking up the establishment and status quo.

The last time that happened in 1776, your country was created.